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Following Elon Musk's $44 billion takeover of Twitter and the subsequent layoffs and policy changes that have followed, impersonator brand accounts have…
Published 5 hours ago
Source: Adweek
Twitter encourages brevity with its 280-character limit that forces users to keep their messages concise, clear, and to its core. But it…
Published 14 hours ago
Source: Statusbrew
Whether you just have started or already have a YouTube channel, this article is for you. You will learn more about how…
Published 14 hours ago
Source: PUBLER
In today’s article, you will learn in detail the 35+ powerful YouTube statistics for marketers in 2022 and develop online marketing strategies…
Published 14 hours ago
Source: PUBLER
Stories have become as synonymous with Instagram as the term “link in bio.” And their popularity speaks for itself. If you haven’t…
Published 15 hours ago
Source: Sprout Social
In order to step up your social media marketing efforts, you need to start thinking about analyzing your competitors. Why? You will…
Published 17 hours ago
Source: NapolenCat

Content Marketing Feeds

It's tempting to jump right into creating content without a campaign plan or long-term content strategy in place. But spending the time (and resources)…
Published: 18 hours ago
Source: Contently
When it comes to content marketing, publishing content is half the battle. Understanding the latest blog trends, content marketing trends, and more is critical…
Published: 19 hours ago
Source: ClearVoice
Fill out your wish list or decide on a gift for a team member with this list of books about content marketing, creativity, writing,…
Published: 20 hours ago
Source: CMI
Content marketing optimizations are the secret to ranking well, driving traffic and reaching your audience. Highly saturated SERPs bring stiff competition that make it…
Published: 20 hours ago
Source: Marketing Insider Group
Having the right content marketing stack is key to running successful content marketing campaigns and reach your marketing goals. In this post, we've done…
Published: 1 day ago
Source: 99 Signals
Black Friday (Nov 25) and Cyber Monday (Nov 28) are the two best days to grab top-tier business tools at insanely discounted prices. Here…
Published: 2 days ago
Source: 99 Signals

SEO Feeds

Google Trends is a fascinating tool. It's essentially a data and analytics spin-off of Google News, providing information…
Published: 5 hours ago
Source: Content Powered
Your business is a complex entity involving more than just your products or services. You also have…
Published: 14 hours ago
Source: Cadence SEO
This SEO tutorial should get you on the right track. We’ll go through seven essential steps to…
Published: 1 day ago
Source: Ahrefs
Black Friday (Nov 25) and Cyber Monday (Nov 28) are the two best days to grab top-tier…
Published: 2 days ago
Source: 99signals
Local SEO has become more important than ever. As local competition heats up, local SEO is taking…
Published: 2 days ago
Source: 99signals
Most people believe Covid-19 is over, is it time to remove coronavirus information from your pages? Read…
Published: 3 days ago
Source: SEM RUSH

Email Marketing Feeds

All right! You made it through the madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Now the real…
Published: 12 hours ago
Source: AtData
Learn the HTML to make Add to Calendar links or ICS files in your emails for people…
Published: 16 hours ago
Source: litmus
So, how's your holiday email-marketing program faring? You're probably tracking sales and revenue closely, as you should,…
Published: 17 hours ago
Source: AtData
Email marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it’s one of the most affordable ways to…
Published: 21 hours ago
Source: sendinblue
Email marketing services make sending your newsletters and email campaigns a breeze. But how do you know…
Published: 21 hours ago
Source: sendinblue
How to write an email correcting a mistake will come up in your email sending career. It’s inevitable. No…
Published: 23 hours ago
Source: GMass

Digital Marketing Feeds

Imagine booking a long flight and opting for business class over first class to save spending money. When you arrive at your gate to board,…
Published: 3 hours ago
Published: ZENMEDIA
If you feel lonely as a digital marketer, you are not alone. According to an ongoing survey conducted by CareerExplorer, marketing managers rate their career…
Published: 12 hours ago
Discover the main sales deck buzzwords you should avoid in your next pitch and learn what you can say instead to deliver engaging presentations and…
Published: 19 hours ago
If you’re a follower of our blog, you already know that it’s crucial to follow up with clients after a sale and continue to nurture…
Published: 3 days ago
Published: OutboundEngine
Published: 4 days ago
Published: White Shark Media
The barrier to entry in the e-commerce industry has never been so low. Every year, more than 5 million new e-commerce websites are created.  Before…
Published: 5 days ago
Published: invesp